Warriors street brawl 3D engine

While working at CTXM, I participated in development of a 3D game called The Warriors: Street Brawl – based on famous The Warriors movie. Actually this is the first real commercial 3D game ever created in Latvia by a local team.
The game was released on Xbox live arcade on september 23, year 2009. My task was development of a 3D engine for XBox 360 and engine related game programming (level system, animation system integration, special fx integration). That included development of all the core, graphics engine, animation system, special fx system, physics engine integration and all the engine pipeline tools. Besides engine programming, I also created all the particle and special effects seen in the game as well as did all the shader programming and optimization on XBox 360.
Engine development took about three years including some old smaller games and tests that were build on early versions. At the end, engine source was about 90 000 C++ lines and several thousand HLSL shader code. The game it self took about one year to create by a quite small team. All level environments and characters were created by two cool guys – Oskars Pavlovskis and Gunārs Miezis. Gameplay, AI and networking was programmed by Vladimir Haritonov.
Personally I’m not very proud about the game, but I am proud about the engine behind it and I’m glad I had the chance to work on it!

Skills: code
Client: CTXM, Paramount Pictures