OrangeLV Holiday Greeting VR animation

I had a pleasure to work on the annual Christmas greeting project for the OrangeLV studio. This year we wanted to create something for the Virtual Reality. We decided to make a 360 degree VR animation where you can be apart of a small toy robot Christmas party.

My role was creating (modeling, texturing, rigging and animating) one of the robots (one with a xylophone), a lot of the props in the scene (including TVs, small tree, big chrismas lights, desk lamp etc.), rigging and simulations for the breaking light bulbs, procedural animation for the lights, rendering and compositing.

One takeaway from the project is that it seems the world is not yet ready for pre-rendered VR animation. Video formats to support high resolution stereo 360 video in the web does not yet exist – as h264 supports only maximum 4096×2304 resolution which when split for two eyes is just barely acceptable. An on top of that – a lot of phones don’t even allow playing videos larger than 1080p. Even on computers, performance for such high resolution videos is terrible. Looks like we need to stick to real time VR content for a while.

Go here to enjoy the show!

Regular 2D Version:

if you have a VR headset (cardboard or better) – you can enjoy the 360 degree VR version:

Project was mostly done in Blender and Substance Painter. Simulations for the breaking bulbs and sparks were done in Houdini. Rendered in Cycles.


Art team:
Gatis Kurzemnieks
Oskars Pavlovskis
Kaspars Šverns
Kristians Mednis

Music: Artūrs Liepiņš

Skills: 3d, animation